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For the change in Earnings, 47,600 more retirees started paying the tax

Due to the change in the withholding of income tax by the ANSeS, in January, another 47,600 retirees and pensioners charged less for the retention that was applied for that tax. For this year it is estimated that this additional segment of retirees and pensioners will have a total retention of $ 1,600 million.

That’s what the Congress Budget Office (OPC) says. “Until December 2018, the non-taxable minimum of six minimum salaries was applied to have, while from January that minimum is applied per beneficiary. This implies that beneficiaries of two or more assets below the non-taxable minimum would pass to pay income tax, to the extent that the sum of these assets does exceed the non-taxable minimum. According to the OPC estimates, this change implies that some 47,600 people will have to start paying the Income Tax, which will bring an additional collection of approximately $ 1,600 million during 2019. “

Until last year, some 150,000 retirees and pensioners had income tax withholdings.

As reported by Clarín, starting in January retirees and pensioners who receive more than one benefit – for example, their own retirement and widow’s pension – and the sum exceeds the non-taxable minimum, they began to record a discount for the Income Tax. or a higher retention.

Until last December, each account – for retirement and pension received by a beneficiary – was considered separately to calculate the tax. Thus it could be the case that the pension, to exceed the non-taxable minimum, had income withholding, and the pension for being lower, did not have a tax discount. Or that neither one nor the other reached the non-taxable minimum, which, in the case of the pension system, equals 6 minimum assets. Today they are $ 55,854 ($ 9,309 x 6). This value is updated every 3 months, with pension mobility.

In January, this practice was modified and ANSeS added the assets. And if the total amount exceeded the six minimum income -that is, $ 55,854- those beneficiaries began to suffer monthly withholdings or a higher discount.

In the pensioner’s receipt, the withholding is included in both benefits, proportionally, although, for example, the pension is less than the non-taxable minimum. Thus it was the case that charging the minimum credit, the receipt would include a discount for Profits.

ANSeS clarified that the deduction of profits is applied on gross income, discounting deductions, such as social work, life insurance or union dues, pension solidarity law and family charges declared on Form 572 entered by SIRADIG.

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