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TikTok Illegally Collected Children’s Information, Slapped with $5.7 Million Nice

TikTok, probably the most famous video sharing programs in India, was caught collecting personal data of children. The program that has over a billion downloads globally has been slapped with a fine of $5.7 million for the clinic and would be making an immediate change to its data collection strategy. Here is more on the issue. TikTok collected personal info without parental consent. Just lately, Children’s Advertising Review Unit, a US-based group, filed a complaint with the FTC reporting of TikTok’s violation of a kid’s privacy law. Under the law, dubbed Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, apps/websites have been required to take parental consent before allowing kids aged 13 or below to access their services.

But, TikTok ignored the law intentionally and collected their information. Currently, TikTok has to pay $5.7 million as good. At the aftermath of those accusations and thousands of complaints, TikTok has agreed to pay $5.7 million as good to settle the matter. Along with the good, the platform has also been ordered to delete the invalid information and set an age gate to specify a definite line between the encounters for kids and adults. Notably, these changes have already begun coming into effect — restrictions on sharing videos, keeping profiles. As a portion of the colony, TikTok is prompting new and present customers to add their age and making changes.

The experience for adult users remains unaffected, but those under the age of 13 will be prevented from uploading videos, keeping profiles, commenting, or messaging on the platform. All these changes could affect the growth rate of TikTok, that has become relatively popular among children, particularly teenagers. In India alone, the platform, owned by China’s ByteDance, has over 250 million downloads. It permits users to create and short-form videos and has faced flak for featuring content unsuitable for kids from the past.

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