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Overwatch Hero Baptiste Is Here to Shake Things Up

The team shot Overwatch of blizzard is hitting a significant milestone today with the official unveiling of Baptiste, the game’s 30th hero. Including a device known as an immortality area which prevents nearby allies from dying, healing grenades, and Baptiste’s ultimate capability, described as a matrix which doubles the harm and healing effects of favorable projectiles that pass through it. The reveal followed a couple of days of teasing, such as a short trailer yesterday. Baptiste combines an ever-expanding cast of characters to the shooter, and last year saw the inclusion of the well-intentioned engineer Brigitte, a Wild West gunslinger named Ashe, and everyone’s beloved hamster Wrecking Ball.

According to the designer of the lead hero Geoff Goodman, the concept behind Baptiste started around the notion of a gadget healer. We were playing with different gameplay concepts around deploying gadgets/devices as a way to sustain and heal your staff; Goodman informs the Verge. From a pure gameplay view, this hero was constructed to provide support players new options and gameplay to encourage their team, and also to appeal to players who may not play support frequently. That said, the designer considers that Baptiste healing skills, together with its fighting skills, which include a real hit on scan 3 burst rifle, as a weapon, should provide lots of tactical choices for players. Right now, higher degree Overwatch play is dominated by a specific composition which unites 3 damage swallowing tank characters with a trio of healing supports.

Interestingly, Goodman does not see Baptiste fitting. Interestingly, Goodman does not see Baptiste fitting especially fire through his amplification matrix and find both promote recovery and may shake things up a little. I think we’ll see Baptiste played with Ana for some longer range damage dealing and damage boost ultimate comboing, says Goodman. Ana may fire through his amplification matrix and get both boost healing and fostered damage, based on who she hits. I think it is possible we will see Baptiste paired with Bastion, which can be frightening whenever you can purchase his time with immortality area and improve his already scary harm with amplification matrix.’.

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