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These include the existence of a very high ratio of non-essential / essential amino acids in phloem sap for which these adapted Hemiptera insects contain symbiotic microorganisms which can then provide them with essential amino acids; and also insect tolerance" of the very high sugar content and osmotic pressure of phloem sap is promoted by their possession in the gut of sucrase transglucosidase activity, which transforms excess ingested sugar into long-chain oligosaccharides" 7 A much larger set of animals do however consume phloem sap by proxy, either through" feeding on the honeydew of phloem-feeding hemipterans.
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As a global SAP partner, Capgemini is one of the largest and most experienced SAP systems integrators. More than 22000, SAP practitioners leverage Capgeminis four decades of SAP experience to serve 1800, clients around the world, with 5000 certified resources in the SAP S/4HANA Digital Core ERP solution area.
SAP Wikipedia.
SAP partners include Global Services Partners with cross-industry multinational consulting capabilities, 74 SAP University Alliances, 75 Global Software Partners providing integrated products that complement SAP Business Suite solutions, 76 and Global Technology Partners providing user companies with a wide range of products to support SAP technology, including vendors of hardware, database, storage systems, networks, and mobile computing technology.

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